Fundamental is a student-run cultural fest organised by Symbiosis Institute of Design. Bringing forth the best talent in the fields of dance, music, and arts it is known for its out-of-the-box events and creative attractions.

In 2021, we bring to you a contemporary twist on retro aesthetic elevated by surreal ideas with the theme.

Paying homage to the 70s and 80s vibes, Surreal recall is a modernized take on retro elements using surreal ideas where your limitless imagination is your prompt. Stylizing and reimagining retro designs with a splash of vibrant colours.

Surreal Recall aims to reimagine the familiar and nostalgic through a modern lens. Retro elements are depicted by surreal ideas, leaving plenty of room for imagination and creativity.

This FDM, get ready for a surreal resurgence of retro with a unique twist!

What’s in store


Competitions, hogathons, and a ton of fun games. FDM days are filled with exciting events, where there is something for everyone. Attendees from all over India join us as they showcase their skills along with our home teams.


Whether it's for dance, fashion, or music, FDM always gives gifted artists a platform to showcase their talent.


FDM proudly hosts a wide range of sports competitions every year, where the best athletes from all over Maharashtra enthusiastically compete, to take home the winning title.

Headliners- MUSEBOX

Headliners 2021 presents MUSEBOX; a one stop destination for potent, breathtaking music and laughs that make your stomach hurt!

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